It’s Boeing to be Amazing!

AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 is just around the corner and there is excitement in the air, quite literally! The large number of aircraft arrivals and departures during the fly-in week makes the Wittman Field FAA Control Tower the busiest in the world for that week! With all this hustle and bustle it’s hard to keep track of all the highlights, so this week at Plane Perfect we decided to focus on the happenings at the Boeing Centennial Plaza located at K12. And trust us it’s Boeing to be awesome!

Located at the east end of Celebration Way, the Boeing Plaza is AirVenture’s marquee display area that is home to many of the featured attractions, ranging from historic warbirds to the latest innovations in flight. The Boeing Plaza also is the place to be for several high-profile events, such as nightly concerts, feature presentations, and the welcome home ceremony for the Old Glory Honor Flight. Here are some of the aircraft you’ll see on Boeing Plaza in 2017;

On display will be the historic New Shepard rocket and astronaut crew capsule from commercial space company Blue Origin.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 16.16.20



The pride and joy of the Commemorative Air Force fleet, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress known as FIFI will be on display with her brother DOC, these are the only two airworthy Superfortresses remaining and this will be DOC’s first venture out to AirVenture.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 16.23.37Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 16.23.46

If you ask someone about the Boeing YL-15, all but the hardest of the hardcore aviation nuts will greet you with a blank stare. After all, with just 12 built and only one currently flying, most of us have never seen one. All that will change this July when Keith Brunquist brings his to display it at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 16.28.07



This Fairchild C-123K Provider known as Thunder Pig, is the only flying example of the transport in the continental U.S. and will be on display at the plaza.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 16.32.36


Other offerings on display will include a large fleet of various fighters and aircraft from the U.S. Air Force including; The newest multirole fighter in the U.S. inventory, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 16.35.33

The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker, a military aerial refueling aircraft.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 16.34.48

A T-38 Talon, a twin-engine, high-altitude, supersonic jet trainer used in a variety of roles because of its design, economy of operations, ease of maintenance, high performance and exceptional safety record.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 16.36.49


An F-16, the single-engine supersonic multirole fighter aircraft originally designed as an air superiority day fighter, it evolved into a successful all-weather multirole aircraft.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 16.37.39

And a Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, the close air support workhorse of the U.S. Air Force, among others.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 16.35.07

Aircraft rotate in and out throughout the week, so be sure to check back to see what’s showcased each day and to keep up to date with all of the AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 happenings download the event app. Check out our latest deals at Plane Perfect to get your bird shining for the show!



From Aviation to Auto Detailing




From Aviation to Auto DetailingPlane-and-car2

At Plane Perfect we have a passion for airplanes and couldn’t find products to suit our detailing needs. Everything on the market either didn’t work very well or was decades old formulas that could be improved for higher polish and more durability. We created a catalog of products that work on metal, fiberglass or fabric and guess what? We put our products to the test on a friend’s Bentley and Plane Perfect works just as great on auto-bodies too!


Waterless Wash System – EcoClean

We started with EcoClean, the waterless wash system that won’t have you using (and wasting) water that can get trapped in your car and have unforeseen consequences! EcoClean will lift and emulsify dirt and grime to leave a clean surface with a light carnauba wax layer. EcoClean


4Oil and Grease Cleaner – Buddha Belly

Buddha Belly was developed to remove the oil, dirt, grime, bugs and exhaust stains that plague all engines and bodies. The problem he faced was developing a formulation that would remove the oil and grime, but still be safe to use. Buddha Belly uses an all-natural citrus-based formula to clean surfaces free of contaminants. Safe to use on the exterior and interior of any surface, Buddha Belly is your go-to product for difficult to clean surfaces. Buddha Belly

5Body Detail Spray & Sealant – Wing Wipe

Follow all of that with a coat of Wing Wipe over the entire body to shine and protect. Wing Wipe carries nano-spec sealant to your paint to give it extra protection not found in other “one application” products found on the market. This is maximum shine and protection! Wing Wipe


2Interiors – Interior Cleaner & Perfect Leather

Once you’re done with the exterior, get your inside looking as good as the outside. Start with Interior Cleaner, your one source for all surfaces inside the interior. Apply to leather, carpet, cloth, instrument panel, switches, yokes, plastic door panels, etc. Anything is fair game! Follow with Perfect Leather on your leather or vinyl seats, simply spray on, rub in and buff off. The “new leather” smell of Perfect Leather will make you want to sleep in your car once you get done! Interior Cleaner & Perfect Leather


3Make It Last – Perfect Seal & Protect

Perfect Seal and Protect is our signature product. Perfect Seal is a high-grade polymer sealant that has been specifically developed to provide maximum UV protection and high gloss shine on composite, fabric and metal aircraft. Perfect Seal and Protect is a 12-month application and produces stunning shine and durability by reducing oxidation and dullness. Plane Perfect has had excellent results on many different surfaces (metal, fabric, composite, clear coat). We are confident you have never experienced anything like Perfect Seal and Protect. Perfect Seal & Protect


Watch Our Products Demonstrated on a SNJ Aircraft
Wing Wipe Demonstration on a SNJ

Plane Perfect products are made in the USA, safe for all surfaces and have been tested on everything from fabric to composite aircraft.  You won’t believe the shine and protection our products produce – they are simply Plane Perfect!

Chris & Rich


Oh My Gosh, Oshkosh! – Highlights for AirVenture 2017


If you haven’t heard of EAA AirVenture OshKosh then you must have been hiding in your hangar since 1953. Every aviation enthusiast will tell you the Oshkosh Airshow is the world’s largest gathering for recreational pilots. The seven day fly-in convention is organised by the Experimental Aircraft Association and hosted on their grounds in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Held every summer, the annual airshow showcases the best in action, education and entertainment. Displaying unique historic aircraft, homebuilts, trade shows and flight demonstrations, this year’s offerings will not disappoint.


Highlights this year will include aerobatic flight demonstrations by The Blue Angels, pilot Jeff Boerboon in the Jack Link’s Screamin’ Sasquatch Jet Waco and the AeroShell Aerobatic Team to name a few. The Barenaked Ladies will be the musical headliners for the event with their avid pilot frontman Ed Robertson.


The Apollo Program will be sharing the stage and celebrating their 50th anniversary at the airshow with appearances by Buzz Aldrin, Fred Haise, Jim Lovell and other astronauts from the early Apollo missions. The last remaining veteran of the famed Doolittle Raiders mission of April 1942, the 101 year old, Dick Cole, will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the famed WWII mission alongside 16 B-25 Bombers.


Reunited at last, “FIFI” and “Doc”, the last two airworthy B-29 Superfortress aircraft will be on static display at the event. “FIFI” will also be offering Airventure attendees the chance to experience flying in a B-29. The “Living History” rides offered by the Commemorative Air Force are unique and rare opportunities for aviation enthusiasts. B-29s are some of the rarest bombers in existence, with only two these two flyable examples remaining

This year’s event is scheduled to take place over the summer between July 24th and 30th, with daily air shows, youth programs, aircraft owner gatherings and a theater in the woods, Oshkosh has something for everyone, aviation enthusiast and novice alike. Who knows you may even see your friend’s from Plane Perfect there!


Angels in our Airspace

It was a bright summer morning in Northern California. As the sun peers through my curtains, I rub the sleep from my eyes, eager for the start of school vacation. Suddenly a thunderous roar passes overhead and rattles the windows through which I was so ponderously gazing, dampening any notions I had of an outing to the local park. My adolescent mind thinks to itself, “Wait, this can’t be thunder it’s so sunny outsi….” My thoughts are cut short as my mom bursts in the room and exclaims “ Come quick the Angels are flying over!” before disappearing once again out of the doorway. “Angels?” I ask myself quite puzzled. “What is she talking about? Is this the end of the world?”


Another reverberating roll passes by and I run outside to face what I thought would be my impending doom. On the front porch my mom yells “Look up!” Blinded by the sun it takes a moment for my eyes to adjust and I see the blurry outline of winged creatures speeding out of eyesight. “But why were they blue?”. In the open air the next roar that follows is so loud that it nearly knocks me to my knees but this time I see them fly by in perfect clarity. Four navy blue jet fighters fly above me, banking in a perfect diamond formation, their tails trailing a stream of clouds and their cockpit windows glistening. This was the late 1980’s and it was the first time I ever witnessed the Blue Angels in action and I have been fascinated by the flight demonstration squadron ever since.


At the end of World War II, the Chief of Naval Operations, Fleet Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, ordered the formation of a flight demonstration team. The purpose of this team was to boost Navy morale, demonstrate naval air power and maintain the public’s interest in Naval aviation. Admiral Nimitz also hoped to use the team to generate public and political support for the Navy to receive a larger portion of a shrinking defense budget after the conclusion of World War II.


Admiral Ralph Davison’s choice to form this team was veteran World War II ace Lieutenant Commander Roy Martin “Butch” Voris. He was given free rein to recruit the team, develop the demonstration and train the pilots. He chose three fellow flight instructors, Lt. Maurice “Wick” Wickendoll, Lt. Mel Cassidy and Lt. Cmdr Loyd Barnard, to join him and they spent many hours developing the show, perfecting the routine over the Florida Everglades so, as Voris later said, “if anything happened, just the alligators would know.”


On June 15, 1946, the team flew its first demonstration at its home base of Naval Air Station Jacksonville. The fifteen minute demonstration included an SNJ Texan painted to simulate a Japanese Zero to simulate aerial combat. In future demonstrations this aircraft was painted yellow and named the “Beetle Bomb”.


The team was initially to be called “The Blue Lancers” but the name never was accepted. Shortly after their first demonstration, one of the pilots noticed an advertisement for a New York City nightclub and suggested that the team adopt the name and, on July 21, 1946, the team officially introduced themselves as “The Blue Angels” at a demonstration in Omaha, Nebraska.


For over 70 years now the Blue Angels has flown for over 427 million fans worldwide capturing the awe of children and adults alike. A total of 261 demonstration pilots have flown in it’s distinguished service and they will continue to capture our fascination with flight for years to come.

Pilot Shortage – Time to Become a Pilot


Like the boy who cried wolf, the impending implications of a nationwide pilot shortage, has been a recurring concern in the commercial aviation industry over the past few years. While many shrug it off as nothing more than a myth, the possibility continues to dominate our newsfeeds. So how much truth is there to this theory and what are the contributing factors to this growing deficit?


Manufacturing giant, Boeing stated that now is “a great time to become a pilot” and have forecasted the need for as many as 617,000 new pilots worldwide by the year 2035 with 112,000 of that total number needed in North America. While the pilot shortage is anticipated to endure well into the foreseeable future, its effects are already taking its toll on real businesses. Republic Airlines, a large U.S. regional carrier that flies on behalf of United, American and Delta, filed for bankruptcy protection in February 2016, stating that one of the primary reasons of their filing was a shortage of qualified pilots.


There are a number of reasons for the growing shortage of pilots. The near term shortage can be attributed to the natural consequence of industry growth. The global aviation marketplace is booming —the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is forecasting that worldwide passenger demand will double within the next 20 years. With advancements in airplane technology and low fuel costs, airlines can now fly further for cheaper, opening up new routes and services.


More than 30,000 pilots, half the current total of 60,222 at the 10 large U.S. airlines, will reach the mandatory retirement age of 65 by the year 2036. And to add to that the fact, fewer young people are choosing commercial aviation as a profession due to the costly and arduous training required before reaching a considerable salary. Until recently, few pilots were willing to recommend the career, even to their own children, said Louis Smith, president of, a career and financial planner for professional pilots. “That mood is changing,” Smith said, as larger airlines have become more profitable and picked up hiring issues to support expansion.


To help recruiting, Southwest Airlines has dropped its prior requirement that pilot applicants hold a certificate to fly its Boeing 737s, which can cost as much as $14,000. Southwest also has cut in half the time between an interview with a potential pilot and a job offer. In March, JetBlue Airways initiated Gateway Select, a program where recruits with no flying experience undergo a series of screenings before being placed into a “rigorous” four-year study program to become pilots. At United Airlines, a new career path program was designed “to counter the potential shortage of qualified pilots,” and involves a residency in two regional carriers and a flight-training school, according to a memo from the airline. “The competition for the best and brightest pilots is heating up,” United said.


So although it looks like the national pilot shortage threat is real, the silver lining is that its immenence is opening up more affordable and accessible career opportunities for bright, young future pilots and aviation enthusiasts.


The LSA of Today – Popular Light Sport Aircraft

Light sport aircraft (LSA) are small, simple and affordable. Their minimal approach to construction make them easier to repair and less expensive to own. However their main appeal is that they can be flown with a sport pilot certificate which takes about half the time to earn as compared to a private pilot certificate, which opens up the world of aviation to a larger class of enthusiasts. Here we will take a look at some of the most popular light sport aircraft on the market today.


Flight Design CTLSi

Flight Designt CT sportThe German production company Flight Design, has been sitting atop the market since day one. Their newest model, the CTLSi, is a fuel injected version of their 912 Rotax engine CTLS. The CTLSi is 98% carbon-fiber speedster that is 10 inches wider than a Cessna 172.


CubCrafters Carbon Cub

carbon_cubAmerican built CubCrafters having been setting the delivery pace for all brands over the past few years (at around 50). The Carbon Cub is not really made of carbon but does have some carbon-fiber components. It sports a 180hp Titan front mounted engine for some great climb performance (up to 2,100fpm).


Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser

Sport-Cruiser-webOne of the most recognized models in the LSA fleet, the Czech Republic produced Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser is a low-wing, all metal airplane cross-country cruiser with a very good forward speed (120 knots, the maximum allowed under LSA) and a very low stall speed of just 31 knots.


American Legend Cub

american legend cubAmerica’s obsession with tandem yellow taildraggers has lifted American Legend, a Texas enterprise, to the near top of the charts. American Legend offers several models equipped with engines from Continental to Lycoming. The most popular versions are the fully-built special LSA models but a kit version called the Texas Sport is available.


Tecnam P2002 Sierra MK2

Tecnam-SierraMk2-webOn a global perspective, Italian company Tecnam is one of the largest sellers. The Sierra MK2 is a testimony to the company’s commitment to design. The low-wing, all metal, two seater is made for cruising with a speed of 120 knots (again, the maximum allowed under LSA regulations). It has a relatively short and thin-cord wing that still allows it stall at sub-40-knot speeds.


Jabiru J230

jabiru_j230Australian made and Tennessee assembled Jabiru, is the only company in the LSA industry that offers both the airframe and engine from the same brand. The Jabiru J230 utilises a six cylinder, 120hp, Jabiru 3300 front mounted engine in front of a four seater cabin which explains it’s rare three door entry design.


Evektor Harmony

1305535868Harmony_N906SLAnother Czech Republic enterprise, the Evektor Sportstar was the very first LSA to earn FAA acceptance. The large company of engineers that also does work in the field of automobiles, now offers the more sophisticated Harmony model. The Evektor Harmony with its compound all metal wings is a smooth, comfortable and well equipped aircraft.


Van’s Aircraft RV-12

vans-rv-12-webAmerica’s Van’s Aircraft is the iconic producer of the most popular kit-built aircraft in the world. They now offer a ready to fly model, the RV-12. This side by side, two seater with a bubble canopy is roomy for an LSA and offers great visibility. Another notably fast aircraft, cruising in at just under the 120 knot LSA limit it also lands slow with a 40 knot stall speed.


What are you favourite light sport aircraft on the market today? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to visit us at Plane Perfect

What a Drag!

Every pilot worth his salt knows the dangers of icing and its effects on aerodynamics. But what other factors can produce drag on your wings? Ideally the entire outer surface of an aircraft should be smooth with unvarying contours. In the real world this is difficult to achieve, the form drag of airplanes has been significantly reduced by advancements in streamlining, that skin drag now constitutes a major portion of the plane’s total drag. Here are some examples of surface roughness that can reduce your plane’s overall performance.



Metal WingOn metal airplanes the most obvious surface imperfections are the rivets that hold the skin onto the airframe. Even though the drag of a single rivet head is small, if there are enough of them, the overall effect on drag can be quite significant. One thousand brazier-head rivet heads have about 0.1 square feet of drag area. Just the drag of those rivet heads alone can be up to 5% of the total drag of an otherwise clean light airplane.


Skin Joints

Another source of drag is the joints between skin panels. It is common practice to overlap metal wing skins and rivet through them to the spar or rib below. This technique creates a structurally strong joint known as a lap joint. The disadvantage of lap joints is that they create a step in the skin contour. This step in the overlapping skins can increase drag of turbulent flow airfoils by as much as 9%.


Wing Walks

p1be69bfq5ku7noc1drgv1g1puscMany airplanes have deliberately roughened areas on their wings, known as wing walks. Wing walks are designed to provide traction when walking over the surface of the wing to access the plane. The downside to these roughened areas is that the typical level of roughness used to make a wing walk cuts the maximum lift capability of that wing section in half and doubles its parasite drag at the same time.


General Surface Roughness

Even significant amounts of generalised surface roughness, like bugs and dirt, can cause drag penalties. NACA wind tunnel tests looked at several types of surface roughness. One of the more interesting findings was that sprayed paint, when not sanded smooth, increased the drag of the wing by 14%. They also experimented by placing different grit grain sizes on the wing. As one would expect, the larger the grit grain size, the larger the drag. At the largest grit grain size tested of 0.0037 inches, the drag was 63% higher than that of a clean wing.


While most of these drag variables are beyond the control of the average pilot/aircraft owner, you cannot deny the importance of keeping a clean wing on your bird. That is why we at Plane Perfect created products like Wing Wipe to remove fingerprints, dust, light grime and bugs while providing a high gloss shine teamed with the protection of an aerospace grade sealant.

Click here to see our full catalog.

PP’s Fav Five Aviation Websites

Air Traffic Controller

In the overcrowded airspace of online digital information, it is hard to follow the latest aviation news and innovations without getting overwhelmed and feeling like an air traffic controller amongst all those browser tabs. What’s more, in a multifaceted topic like aviation, it is even harder to find a news feed that is relevant to your personal interests. We at Plane Perfect, have decided to share with you some of our favourite news resources and what they provide for us in our weekly round up of aviation happenings. – The Experimental Aircraft Association

Undoubtedly The Experimental Aircraft Association is one of the biggest names in the aviation community, this 180,000 member strong organisation, provides one of the biggest venues to connect with other aviation enthusiasts worldwide. Their website provides community forums, the latest in aviation news, educational resources and a section tailored to each unique aviation interest. Varying membership deals award you access to exclusive content and subscriptions as well as a discounted rate to EAA events including, EAA Airventure, the world’s largest gathering for recreational pilots and enthusiasts. – The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association is another heavy hitter in the membership driven aviation community while still proving to be a valuable free news resource. Their news and media section offers the latest in technology innovations, enthusiast events, aviation law, training tips and flight destinations. Membership will grant you access to numerous flight tools, training and safety courses, medical resources and subscriptions to their print publications like Pilot Magazine or Flight Training Magazine. – The World’s Premiere Aviation News Resource is essentially an online webzine offering free, tailored, email subscriptions across a multitude of aviation topics. Their subscriptions range from flight planning and training to aircraft ownership and upgrades. As well as updates on airshow events and even industry articles on business news and military planes. Although their layouts can be a little rugged we still find AVweb a useful tool in having customised aviation news articles delivered directly to our inbox. – Aviation news, Flying Stories, Airplane Videos by Aviation Professionals

If you are looking for a lighter story, then is for you. They deliver the latest articles that tend to focus on the fun side of flying while remaining relevant in the aviation news industry. With the click of a button you can browse what news is currently hot or trending in the airshow and airline categories or read up on famous fighters throughout history. A free subscription to AVgeekery means a subscription to the best viral aviation videos and stories, on demand. – Daily Flight Training Blog, Online Training Courses and Free CFI Tools is a professional and sleek website with the aim to make you a better pilot. This daily flight training blog has over 75,000 readers each month and their articles provide useful real-world flying tips like “9 Things You Should Do If You Suspect A Radio Failure”. We also enjoy their daily quizzes that test your aviation knowledge, “Do You Know These 6 Common Airport Signs And Markings?”. Amongst all this useful information they also offer weekly podcasts, paid online training courses and free CFI tools. This website is a must for any serious flyer and enthusiast alike.


What do you think of our choices? Are there any valuable aviation websites and resources that you cannot fly without? Let us know in the comments below or land on our page at


Flying in for Fun in the Sun

Photo by Chris Balogh From

Photo by Chris Balogh

This year’s Sun N’ Fun’s 43rd Annual International Fly-In & Expo definitely started off as more fun than sun as nearby rain clouds threatened to dampen the opening day festivities at Lakeland’s Linder Regional Airport. Luckily, the weather didn’t discourage the guests from arriving in droves on Tuesday. The skies opened up the following day and delivered the typical Florida sweltering springtime heat before bringing in a cold front on Thursday that threatened to disrupt the event midweek.

Despite the inconsistent weather there was a great turnout. Official numbers are still being tallied but it is estimated that this year’s attendendance exceeds last year’s number of roughly 200,000 people that arrived from 70 different countries. It’s a testament to the aviators, volunteer staff and Lakeland Linder Airport team that the event ran so smoothly. In attendance were over 100,000 aircraft and at no point were things ever still. When the air show wasn’t on, aircraft were constantly arriving and departing, while ultralights and powered paragliders floated along the skyline south of the airport.

Photo by Chris Balogh From

Photo by Chris Balogh

By early afternoon each day, the airspace closed and the air show would begin. Annually, this occurrence is considered to be one of the highlights of the expo. Notable performances included an aerial exhibition by the legendary U.S. Navy Blue Angels’ flight demonstration squadron and their French counterparts, Patrouille de France.

Photo by Mike Deep From

Photo by Mike Deep

Sun N’ Fun has long included an impressive variety of aircraft, from homebuilts to fighter jets and warbirds in its air shows. However, this year 130 warbirds were in attendance and they definitely stole the show. The congregation featured a vast array of vintage craft such as T-28 Trojans, P-40 Warhawks and B-25 Mitchells all of which were led by a vanguard of ten P-51 Mustangs. It was the largest congregation to fly together in over a decade.

On Thursday, the Polk County Veterans Council was completing its third Flight to Honor mission. The association honors veterans from World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War and flies them to Washington, D.C. Each veteran is accompanied by a volunteer sponsor, and the group is taken on a tour of memorials around the capital to reunite them with lost ones and showcase their bravery. The flight returned that evening to a hero’s reception at Sun ‘n Fun Warbird Ramp. It was there that friends and family, along with volunteers, JROTC, Scouts, local law enforcement, and a live band welcomed the veterans home, as the setting sun and rows of historic aircraft provided a dramatic backdrop.

Photo by Mike Collins From

Photo by Mike Collins

If all this was not enough to take in, Sun N’ Fun also hosts a night airshow each year. Complete with a conventional fireworks show initiated from the ground, as well as an exquisite show in the air from the planes. This year’s performers included AeroShell, Gene Soucy and Julie Clark among others. Brightly lit planes flew loops while launching fireworks, providing a beautiful backdrop against the impressive gathering of aircraft on the Warbird Ramp and an appropriate ending to the week’s events.

The Summer Season and Superior Visibility – Featured Product Eyes Outside

Eyes Outside Summer ViewThe start of the summer aviation season is upon us and most pilots agree that summer is the favoured season for flying. Aircraft engines may prefer winter with its cool, oxygen-rich air, but summer often brings less weather and fog, generally more agreeable flying conditions and better visibility.


Speaking of visibility, what better way to optimise your views and take full advantage of the clear summer skies with Plane Perfect’s Eyes Outside – Airplane Windshield Cleaner & Polish? Because every pilot knows that their windshield is one of the most important pieces of their aircraft and are their eyes on the world.

Looking through a streaky, dirty glare-shield is no way to view the world, especially when operating it. But unfortunately, this is a story we hear all too often. Whether the product leaves residue behind, doesn’t clean efficiently or simply doesn’t get a streak-free finish, we were tired of sub-par formulas leaving us dissatisfied. So, we took matters into our own hands by creating Eyes Outside.

What is Eyes Outside?

Eyes Outside - Wing WipeEyes Outside is a radically different plastic cleaner and polish that has a variety of uses. After watching many
pilots struggle with outdated formulas that produced so so results and dried out plastic over time, we decided a superior product was possible …and we made it happen. The soft plastics used on planes are so crucial to the well-being of the craft; they should be given the utmost care and attention, not just wiped down occasionally and left with smeared, scratched surfaces and streaks.

Eyes Outside is safe to use on plastics (including plexiglass, acrylic, acrylite, lucite and lexan), glass, or any hard shiny surfaces. Its state-of-the-art anti-static, fingerprint resistant and polishing properties are ideal for cleaning anything from LCD screens and radio displays to glass cockpits, the GPS, instrument gauges, panel covers and yokes, and any additional hard shiny surfaces in the plane. You can even use it on your delicate TV screen and eye glasses!  Eyes Outside will not only lift dirt and leave behind a perfectly polished surface, but it actually protects the soft plastic from potential damage caused by intense wiping and continual cleaning.

How does it work?

For optimal results and to avoid damage such as scratching, apply the product with a Plane Perfect Microfiber Towel. Use Eyes Outside generously to the surface to be cleaned. Permit sufficient time to pass for the bugs to rehydrate, making their removal easier. Wipe off the product with a clean towel in a single motion. Turn over the used towel to expose a clean section and once again use a single motion to dry the newly cleaned surface to a high shine. For a large quantity of stubborn bug residue (or a particularly large bug) repeat the application process and allow more time for rehydration before wiping off the excess product. To achieve the best results, do not let Eyes Outside dry on surface.

Have any thoughts or questions about Eyes Outside? Please share them with us by leaving a comment below!